Alone/Together: More About Life than Love

To be honest, when I watched the trailer of Alone/Together, I thought the movie will just focus on the love story of Tin (Liza Soberano) and Raf (Enrique Gil). But after watching the movie, I realized that I was wrong. In fact, I was more drawn into Tin’s life and struggle and I realized there are 3 lessons in her story that I can apply to my life.


Never forget who you are

At the beginning of the movie, you would constantly hear Tin emphasizing the words, “never forget” during her museum tours. At first, you would think that she is referring to what happened to the Philippines in the past but as you watch the movie, you can relate those words to what happened to her after she graduated from UP.

Long story short, Tin was not able to reach her dreams. She wanted to become a museum archivist but unfortunately, she was not able to achieve her goal because of some circumstances that happened in her life. She decided to move on from that dream which included forgetting who she really is.

But along the way, with the help of Raf, she realized that she cannot forget her true self. No matter what happened to her past, she will always be the same woman with a dream to change the world.

I know a lot of people who think they are no longer the same person because of the challenges they faced in life. But I do not agree with them. Yes, there might have been changes in their personalities and perspectives in life, but they are still the same person as before. So no matter how much you try to run from your past self, you will always have it with you.

It’s never too late to reach your dreams

It took Tin 5 years before she started her path as a museum archivist. There was even a point in her life when she just wanted to settle in a convenient life with Greg (Luis Alandy). But Raf and her UP professor made her realize that she can make her own dreams.

So even if Tin was already 27 years old with a bad record from her previous job, she made her way to reach her lifelong dream. She applied to various museums and got the job she always wanted.

Sometimes, we just settle on what is convenient for us. We take this certain job because the salary is high enough to provide the needs of our family. But sometimes we forget that it is also important to choose a job that you love. Imagine going to work and instead of being stressed about deadlines and other stuff, you actually enjoy what you are doing. Isn’t that more satisfying than killing yourself for a job that you will eventually resign after a few years?

What’s meant to be will always find a way

Even if Tin lost her way, she was able to find herself and reach her goal. It does not matter if it took her 5 years or even more. What’s important is that she found herself and now she is doing everything she can to become the best version of herself.

Other than her dream of becoming a museum archivist, Tin also realized that she was meant for Raf. Although the movie did not really explain why the two broke up in the first place, you will get the idea that Tin broke up with him because she is already entering a new chapter in her life while Raf was still stuck in college. And just when they thought they have moved on from each other, the two reunited at an event.

Tin and Raf’s love story were full of ups and downs. But what made their relationship different from other couples is that they were meant to be. To be honest, I knew from the beginning that they would end up together. But I had second thoughts when Aly (Jasmine Curtis-Smith), Raf’s girlfriend, became pregnant. There was even a scene when Tin said to Raf, “lagi mong tatandaan na mahal na mahal kita” and Raf replied, “ingat ka”. (OUCH)

But I guess, if it’s meant to be, it will be. Tin and Raf did really prove themselves to stick to each other no matter what happens.

To sum it up, what I learned from Alone/Together was to never give up on my dreams. No matter how rough life is, I will keep on going until I reach my goal. I won’t run away or forget who I am just because I failed to pursue my dreams. Instead, I will do everything I can because it is always better to risk everything than regret in the end.

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