7 Relatable Lines from The Hows Of Us

I was one of the many KathNiel fans who were ecstatic when the news came out that the couple are going to have another movie with Direk Cathy (who happens to be my all-time favorite director). When the trailer was out, I had high expectations. And when I finally got to watch the movie, I must say that The Hows of Us is one of the best KathNiel projects I have ever seen.

Basically, the story is about a couple who — of course I’m not going to spoil the entire movie for you. All I want is to share the  memorable quotes from the movie that I am sure will hit you whether or not you’ve already seen the film. There may be minor spoilers below, so read at your risk.

1| “Feeling ko lahat kaya namin basta magkasama”

We all went through this stage. The intense feeling of being in love to the point that no matter what happens, as long as you are with your beloved, you feel everything is going to be all right. George (Kathryn Bernardo) felt the same at the very start of their relationship. She and Primo (Daniel Padilla) were so lost in love that even if things got hard (it even came to a point when they longer had enough money to pay for the bills), everything still seemed perfect all because they had each other.

I think what made this line so relatable is the fact that we tend to believe that we can survive anything with our partners. We have this perspective that love can conquer all, especially in the darkest hours. George believed that she and Primo could achieve their goals as long as they were together. Unfortunately…oops!

2 | “Will your life be better without me?”

When Primo said this line, I was crying so much that my eyes were already puffy. I personally think that when things get rocky, we sometimes tend to think that maybe we are not the right person for our partner (aww!). Primo felt that he was dragging George down because of his dream and passion, so he asked this heart-breaking question.

I think when you are truly, madly, deeply in love, you tend to prioritize your partner than yourself. You will sacrifice even your own happiness, just for them to be okay. In this case, Primo left, thinking that George would be better off without him.

3 | “Matalino ako eh pero dahil sayo natatanga ako”

Trust me, some might have denied it to everybody, but I am pretty sure most people have said this line at some point in their lives. Sometimes, even if we know our worth, we tend to be “marupok” when it comes to someone we love. Despite all the bad and hurtful things that they have done to us, with just one apology, all the pain and anger will be gone.

George said this line when she confronted Primo. George is an intelligent girl, but she knew that with just one song, one smile, and one sorry from Primo, she would fall for him again. Pero kasi naman ate sino ba hindi magiging marupok kay Daniel?

4 | “How did you not find a reason to stay?”

When things were falling apart, George asked Primo to leave, which he unfortunately did (and he did not come back until after 2 years). When he came back, George asked Primo this question. In my perspective, Primo left because he knew that he was just a burden. He didn’t want to cause more pain, so he decided to leave.

Sometimes leaving is the only choice you have left. You do not leave because you do not love that person anymore, but rather you leave because you hate to see him or her in pain. You then believe that maybe, just maybe, things will work out that way.

5 | “Hindi na ako tanga” and “Hindi ka naman masaya”

Mikko is one of my favorite characters in the movie (Yohan is the first because of Daren Espanto — #fangirlmode). He represents that one friend who will kick your ass when you get back with your ex. All throughout the movie, you will see him warning George about Primo. But in the end, when George finally pushed Primo away and decided to go to her best friend, she said, “Hindi na ako tanga.” I expected Mikko would support her, but then he replied, “Hindi ka naman masaya.”

I personally did not expect that reply, but I guess sometimes even if our friends protect us from all the pain in the world, they are also the same people who can see our true feelings. Mikko saw that even if George was lost and hurt because of Primo, he knew that Primo would also be the only person who could make her happy.

6| “Pag mahal mo talaga, mahal mo no?”

A lot of things might have happened between Primo and George, but at the end of the day, they still loved each other. Cliché? But aren’t most people like that? No matter how many fights they have or how many times they feel like giving up, they still come running back to each other’s arms.

George might have sacrificed a lot of things for Primo, but she knew that no matter what, she would always love him. I guess that applies to everybody. We can justify all our actions, but we can never lie to our heart. If we truly love a person, we will come back to him/her.

7 | “In order to win the war, you have to stay together”

I think one of the secrets to a long-term relationship is staying against all odds. It is when even if the world tears you both apart, you still fight for your relationship. Primo and George went through hell in their 7-year relationship. But in the end, they still chose to fight their battle together.

I guess that is the biggest lesson from the movie — to follow our heart and fight for what we believed in. Primo knew it would be impossible to win George back, but he still gave his best. All relationships, either long- or short-term, never run smooth. There’s a phase during which the love you feel for each other are so intense. But there’s also a part wherein you get lost and tired. The roughness of the course of true love is normal. It will just be up to you if you will tread that path to a long-lasting relationship together despite the risk of getting hurt along the way.

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