Y Cafe Makati

Y Cafe? Why Not?

It’s not very often that I find a spot in the city that’s deserving of my 4- or 5-star rating. Before I tell my friends or practically anyone to go check out a place I’ve already visited, I make sure it’s worth going back to. So when I tell you about this café that has kept me coming back, you’ll know where to go next.

It’s an Anime-Themed Place

The place that I’m talking about is Y Cafe. I discovered it during one of my Pokemon Go strolls around Makati. It was the human-size Gundam figure outside the restaurant that caught my eye. Although I did not enter the place that day, I promised myself I’d go there to try its food and drinks.

Y Cafe mural
I bet I can name more characters in this mural than you can.

And so one night last May, I went there with a couple of friends. I could say they were as impressed as I was with the ambiance. There were tons of references to all 90s anime we grew up with. The nostalgia was too strong (and good) that after our meal, we got lost in our conversations about our childhood anime heroes.

Take It Easy or Just Keep Busy

The last time I was there, I brought my brother with me. He wanted a good place to get his work done in his laptop, and I was planning to catch up on my journaling (yeah, I used it as a verb; bite me).

Y Cafe is relatively quiet – ideal for those who need some concentration. They’ve got a bunch of power outlets, comfortable seats, and good food. It’s just the perfect chill-out place – partly because we live nearby.

Eat. Work. Play. Create.
Eat. Work. Play. Create.

They’ve also got a decent bookshelf for the bibliophiles, a cool assortment of board games for the bored, a cute aquarium for the lovers of fish, and a widescreen TV for the Netflix addicts.

The Food’s Good

I’d say you’d spend around Php300 to Php400 for a good meal. I had the English breakfast during my first time there: a hefty serving of bacon, eggs, sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes, and bread. I also tried the Y cheeseburger. I must say that all that I ate did not disappoint me.

Y Cafe's Y Burger with fries
If you see Vegeta in this picture, your vision is over 9,000!

That’s my experience that I wanted to share. Y Cafe is a good place to visit just for the nostalgia and the gram. But it’s also one of the best places to frequent if you want a cozy place late at night to study, catch up on your reading, get some work done, or just unwind.


Don Chua Lamko Building, 100 H.V. Dela Costa, Makati City

8:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.


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